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Registration for Braids 2016 has now closed. 

If you are already registered you can update your registration, please click on the link below.    It will open in a new window.



There have been a lot of questions about the classes.   If a class is full, it is not displayed on the registration page for classes to select.   The situation changes daily on 8 June 2016, the following classes are FULL:

There are spaces on all other classes 

W6    Peruvian Headband Braids

W13  Infinite Possibilities of Marudai braiding

W15  Color block beaded kumihimo

W16  Hidden Channel braid

W18  Just One

W25  Variations of zig zag braided jewellery

W26 Playing with color patterns in Loop Braids

W29  Start/stop

W31  Double weave pickup

W37 Leno Braids

W32  Sanada himo: traditional Japanese woven band

W36  Hira Kara bracelet

W38  Ply splitting with supplementary cords

W39  Couture braids and trims


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