Lucet Braiding

The Lucet has been used to make cords for over one thousand years. The resultant braids were used to tie doublet and hose in the middle ages, bodice ties for the Elizabethans, ornamental frogging in the 18th century, right up to the Victorians who made neck chains and watch fobs from silk.

The narrow braids can be used for bag ties, glasses cords, shoelaces...the list is endless.

The lucet produces a square utilitarian cord which can be used for absolutely everything and can be made from practically any material, any size, any colour.

Lucet cord example

Standard Lucet Cord

The Lucet has also been known as a Lutal, Chain Fork (fig 1) or Lyre (fig 2).

Lucet - Chain fork       Lucet - Lyre

 fig 1                  fig 2  

Some of the Victorian Lucets were carved ivory, mother of pearl or tortoiseshell. 

This is a gallery of bands made by members of the Braid Society using a lucet. Click on an image to see a larger version and further information.

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