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  Books for Sale

The Braid Society sells a number of publications on aspects of band-weaving and braid making.  The books all authored by members of the Braid Society are listed below.  They are available for purchase by members and non-members alike and can be despatched anywhere in the world, however if you are in the USA or Canada, please read the section below. 

Prices are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP).  

The Braid Society does not yet have a full online shop so please email  stating:

  • Which book(s) you require
  • Where in the world the package should be sent
  • Whether you will pay by Paypal (preferred) or alternatively by cheque or direct bank transfer.

The Braid Society will respond by email as soon as possible stating the total cost (to cover the book(s), postage and charges) and payment details (usually a PayPal invoice).  Books to UK addresses are normally sent by UK 2nd class Standard post, but alternatives can be requested (eg tracked, 1st class, increased insurance).   You will then be able to accept that quotation confirming any options you choose and a final invoice will then be sent out for payment.

Books sent Internationally will be sent by the lowest standard International Rate, but alternatives can be requested (eg tracked, express, increased insurance).  As a result of Brexit we are unable to cover any duty or VAT charges applicable on receipt at the destination country.    On receipt of payment your book(s) will be dispatched. 

The Braid Society will only be liable for any lost packages to the level of insurance taken out with postage.

For USA or Canada residents

For some of the books, they may be obtained from one of the following suppliers where the postage will be much lower.


      The Braid Society ed R Spady

      Braids, Bands & Beyond - Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Braiding

      ISBN 978-0-9573127-1-5, The Braid Society, 2016

      Following two successful conferences, the proceedings of the Third International conference is now available.  This wonderful book contains the work of 30 world renowned authors who have shared their knowledge in a series of articles linked to the workshops and lectures given at the conference.  The 37 articles are linked as Braids, Bands and beyond.    Braids contains articles on kumihimo, ply-splitting and other braiding techniques; Bands covers tablet weaving and other weaving including backstrap, inkle and bow loom weaving and Beyond has articles on lace and other techniques.   The contents contain practical information as well as a wealth of knowledge on different techniques.

      25.00 GBP 

      28 x 21.5 x 1.4 cm    700g     174pp

        The Braid Society eds S Berlin and R MacGregor

      Threads That Move - Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Braiding

      ISBN 978-0-9573127-0-8, The Braid Society, 2012

      These are conference proceedings like no other.  Internationally renowned braidmakers came together in 2012 and this beautifully produced book distributes the knowledge and practical techniques they shared in workshops and lectures.  Twenty-five illustrated articles are grouped under the headings of: braids and traditions; kumihimo; loop manipulation braiding; ply splitting; weaving; related techniques; and braidmaking in context.  The contents are timeless and will stimulate readers for many years to come.

      20.00 GBP         

      30 x 21 x 0.9 cm    572g     160pp   

        Braids 2019  eds Koichi Hirosawa and Makiko Tada

      Advances in Kumihimo and Fiber Arts - Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Braiding

      ISBN 9784925252232, The Kumihimo Society, 2019

      The proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Braiding are another volume of articles that are incomparable.  The keynote speakers and tutors have all contributed articles that demonstrate their expertise in the subjects on which they write.  Articles cover kumihimo and other types of braids such as ply split braiding, sprang and woven bands.  With 31 contributing authors this book is another treasure for your shelves.  The contents are timeless and will stimulate readers for many years to come.

      30.00 GBP         

      26 x 19 x 1.6 cm    650g     160pp  

        Braids 2019  eds Koichi Hirosawa and Makiko Tada

      World Kumihimo and Fiber Arts Exhibition

      ISBN 9784925252225, The Kumihimo Society, 2019

      The catalogue for the exquisite exhibition held alongside the Fourth International Conference on Braiding.   It contains photographs and information about the braided items that were exhibited by tutors, participants of the conference and invited guests.   Over 100 artists' work is given in this catalogue

      15.00 GBP         

      26 x 19 x 1 cm    335g     80pp   

       Braids 2022 ed Katia Johansen

      Nordic and World Braids and Bands

      ISBN 9788799207411, Narayana Press, 2022

      The proceedings of the fifth International Conference on Braiding are another volume of articles that are incomparable.  The keynote speakers and tutors have all contributed articles that demonstrate their expertise in the subjects on which they write.  Articles cover Nordic bands with detailed talks by Nordic speakers and other types of braids such as kumihimo, ply split braiding, sprang and loop braiding.  With 45 contributing authors this book is another treasure for your shelves.  The contents are timeless and will stimulate readers for many years to come.

      38.00 GBP         

      30 x 21 x 2 cm    1kg     234pp  

      Shirley Berlin

      Kumihimo on a Disc  - the Red Book   

      Self published by Shirley Berlin

      Kongo gumi, the round braid is the first braid any of learn to braid on a disc. This booklet has 19 different colour arrangements, stripes, dots, diamonds and lattices, all made using the same "left up, right down" hand movements. These patterns can also be made on the marudai. Colour photographs of the braids.

      4.50 GBP

      21 x 14.6 x 0.2 cm    56g    32pp

      Shirley Berlin

      More Braids on a Disc  - The Green Book   

      Self published by Shirley Berlin

      If you change the way you move the threads around the disc you get new structures - flat, square, lacy, zig-zag, and two straw-plaiting braids: Fill-the-Gap and the Laramie, a raised spiral.

      All made on a round disc, with NO re-adjustment moves. Colour photographs of the braids and most of the working diagrams.

      6.00 GBP

      21 x 14.6 x 0.3 cm    62g    32pp


      Shirley Berlin and Freda Robinson

      Flat Braids     

      Self published by Shirley Berlin

      Ten flat braids to make on a round disc with no re-adjustment moves. The braids range from a 10-strand "easy" one to a 16 strand "not while watching television" one.

      The booklet leads you gently from the straightforward "up/down" braids  past "Mountain lace" via Zig-zag to "Freda's Wave".

      Colour photos

      6.00 GBP

      21 x 14.6 x 0.3 cm    62g    32pp

      Shirley Berlin

      The Laramie Braid     

      Self published by Shirley Berlin

      The Laramie is adapted from straw-plaiting techniques and is the big sister of the 7-strand Fill-Gap braid.

      This glorified leaflet describes its variations to date: adding beads, braiding with wire, using the core threads as braiding threads and the corkscrew spiral, a threading variation. Colour photographs.

      5.00 GBP

      212 x 14.6 x 0.1 cm    22g    12pp

      Shirley Berlin and Carole Goodwin (ed)

      Sixty Sensational Samples - a Kumihimo Collection    

      Order direct from Shirley at For reasons of economy, postage will be by sea, which is sometimes quicker than you might think.

      ISBN 0-9733734-0-7     2004

      The samples in this book were generated by groups of enthusiastic braiders interested in Kumihmo.

      Sections include; Elegant Braids, Intriguing Structures, Use of Color, Unusual materials, Braids with Beads, Variations on the themes of Kongo gumi and Kara Uchi Gumi. 

      35.00 GBP   including postage, ordered directly from Shirley Berlin

      28 x 23 x 1.5 cm    700g    100pp


      Jacqui Carey

      Braids & Beyond - A broad look at narrow wares

      ISBN 0 9523225 4 4, Carey Company, 2003

      This richly illustrated book describes the origins, structure, making and use of many forms of braiding and narrow wares. It also includes modern developments of traditional techniques. 

      It was produced to accompany an exhibition of the same name which marked the Braid Society's 10th Anniversary and remains an interesting and informative reference resource.

      7.95 GBP         

      27 x 21 x 0.3 cm    218g    56pp

        Jacqui Carey

      Creative Kumihimo - A new approach to the ancient art of Japanese braiding

      ISBN 0-9523225-0-1, Carey Company, 1994

      This book provides set up instructions fro the Marudai and a step by step guide to braiding for the complete beginner.  There are tips for improving technique plus work instructions for more than 50 illustrated braid structures.  The unique drafting system is invaluable for the more experienced braider too, so that the design possibilities can be explored.  A chapter is also devoted to finishing braids. 

      14.95 GBP         

      27 x 21 x 0.8 cm    469g     100pp  

        Jacqui Carey

      Round the Twist - Creative cordmaking

      ISBN 0 9523225 3 6, Carey Company, 2002

      This book presents new ideas for the simple twisted cords.  It is suited to any textile enthusiast wishing to create complementary embellishments.  From discussion of S and Z twists, the twist and fold method, colour mixing, textures, retwisting, wrapping, ends and joins are all addressed with an interesting range of samples.

      7.95 GBP         

      26.2 x 18.4 x 0.3 cm    108g     28pp

        Jacqui Carey     

      The Book of Braids - A new approach to creating kumihimo

      ISBN 0 9523225 9 5, Carey Company, 2014 

      This book provides a new way of looking at braidmaking.  An innovative 'shorthand' notation offers an aid to memorising complex sequences of moves.  It also simplifies the expansion of traditional braids. Over 130 specific examples of beautiful braids reveal the concepts behind the making of kuumihimo and how they can be adapted to create new designs. Basic knowledge of making kumihimo on a marudai is assumed.

      21.95 GBP         

      28 x 21 x 1 cm    514g     128pp

        P Davenport, B Davies and M Hyde                        

      The History and Applications of Braiding Machines

      Printed 2014

      This book gives a rigorous history of machine braiding covering the varied branches of textiles and industry where the machine has solved many problems.  A history of developments in Europe and America is included with a DVD reproducing books (in various languages), and patent information, not usually available.  In black and white throughout, the book includes fascinating photographs and technical drawings of braiding equipment. 

      10.00 GBP      This book is out of stock  

      29.8 x 21 x 0.7 cm    358g     116pp plus further information on a DVD

        Anne Dixon

      Inkle-Loom Weaving - The basics and design

      ISBN 1 899972 08 0, Anne Dixon, 1995

      This booklet provides an essential introduction to inkle weaving describing the loom then how to warp up and weave samples. Advice on designing inkles and design charts are also given.

      2.50 GBP         

      21 x 15 x 0.2 cm    31g     20pp

         Anne Dixon

      Lettering on the  Inkle-Loom

      ISBN 1 899972 00 5, Anne Dixon, 1995

      Lettering requires the displacement of warp threads so they 'float' over the background threads.  This useful booklet covers letter shapes, colours, specific designs, tips for working with light or dark threads uppermost, word spacing and designing motifs.

      2.50 GBP         

      21 x 15 x 0.2 cm    31g     20pp     

         Anne Dixon

      Baltic-Style Patterns on the Inkle Loom

      ISBN 1 899972 09 9, Anne Dixon, 1998

      This booklet focuses on these textural patterned woven bands which originated in countries bordering the Baltic Sea.  Warping the inkle loom is covered with sample design motifs.  Tips for developing designs and 'breaking the rules' are included. 

      2.50 GBP         

      21 x 15 x 0.2 cm    30g     20pp

         Anne Dixon

      A brief History of the Inkle - what, why, when and where

      Anne Dixon, 2012

      This fascinating booklet charts the history of inkles from Neolithic connections through to the Mediaeval period and on through the 18th Century to the 20th Century revival and thoughts on the future of narrow woven bands. A useful Bibliography is included. 

      2.50 GBP         

      21 x 15 x 0.2 cm    30g     20pp

        Anne Dixon

      Finishes & Fringes for Inkles

      Anne Dixon, 2012

      This booklet is packed with 'how to' ideas for finishes at the ends of inkles or fringes along the edges.  Knotted, braided, woven or adorned with beads, there are a variety of techniques to try. 

      2.50 GBP   

      21 x 15 x 0.2 cm    30g     20pp


      Susan Foulkes       

      Weaving Hearts and Flowers using the double slotted heddle to weave patterned bands

      ISBN Self Published C S.J. Foulkes 2014 

      This book contains designs for 11 and 13 thread heart patterns, heart meanders, joining motifs and also 11 and 13 thread flower patterns. 

      6.00 GBP  

      29.5 x 21 x 0.02 cm    75g     24pp 


      Susan Foulkes       

      Weaving Messages

      ISBN  Durham Weaver Publishing 2020

      This booklet is designed for weavers who can weave narrow patterned bands using a pick up technique and provides pattern charts for letters and numbers using 13 pattern threads.  The instructions are for a backstrap loom with a heddle with 13 pattern slots but all of the patterns can also be used on an inkle loom or with a standard heddle.  Lots of illustrations and charts, all in colour.   

      5.00 GBP      

      21x 14.8 x 0.02 cm    75g     20pp


      Susan Foulkes       

      Weaving Patterned Bands

      ISBN 978-0-7643-5550-9 , Schiffer Publishing Ltd 2014 

      This book focuses on weaving traditional bands of the Baltic region using the double slotted heddle, using a backstrap loom.  It has an inspirational introduction to the bands of this region, followed by clear detailed and well illustrated instructions for each stage of your journey.  Here you will find all you need to get started and then progress to more complex designs.  As a taster, look on YouTube for her videos.

      18.00 GBP         

      26 x 19 x 2cm. 152 pp     790g    


      Julie Hedges        

      Ply-Split Braiding - An introduction to design in single course twining

      ISBN 13:978-0-9554187-0-9, Julie Hedges Books, 2006

      This is the essential reference for novice and practised ply-split braiders alike.  It contains practical information on getting started with instructions for working different structures.  The lavish illustrations of finished items are an inspiration.  Practical information about methods for making and designing cords, on estimating cord lengths and for finishing braids will be returned to repeatedly through a ply-splitters career.

      12.99 GBP    

      30 x 22.5 x 1 cm    271g     48pp spiral bound for ready reference


      Julie Hedges                

      Ply-Split Braiding - Further techniques

      ISBN 13:978-0-9554187-1-6, Julie Hedges Books, 2011

      As well as further structures created with Single Course Oblique twining (SCOT), this book introduces Ply Split Darning (PSD), Plain Oblique Twining (POT), and the use of 3 ply cords to create POT 'holes' and hexagons. Going beyond technique, the pages are also packed with instructions for making jewellery, tassels, bags, hats and scarves, and offer ideas for further development.

      As with her first book, the instructional diagrams are clear and the gallery pages are packed with inspirational pieces.

      20.00 GBP         

      30 x 22.5 x 1.2 cm    421g     80pp spiral bound for ready reference


      Julie Hedges                        

      Ply-Splitting in 3 Dimensions - An introduction to making vessels and sculptural forms

      ISBN 13:978-0-9554187-2-3, Julie Hedges Books, 2013

      The cover images but hint at the variety of 3D forms for which this book provides instructions and ideas for further exploration.  Essential information covers starts, the transition from 2D bases to 3D shapes, adding and removing, the construction of borders and more.  The possibilities from combining techniques or using thick and thin cords are illustrated with beautiful structural forms alongside practical instructions.    

      20.00 GBP  

      30 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm    354g     64pp spiral bound for ready reference


      Julie Hedges                        

      Ply-Split Braided Jewellery   

      ISBN 13:978-0-9554187-3-0, Julie Hedges Books, 2015

      This book builds on techniques learned in earlier books and offers a beautiful range of jewellery applications. There are roses and crosses for bracelets, hexagons for bangles and basket weave, chevron and spiral designs for chokers.  There are photographs of finished pieces to inspire you and each design comes complete with detailed instructions and diagrams.         

      10.00 GBP         

      29.7 x 21.0 x 1.5 cm    94g     12pp

        Julie Hedges and Jennie Parry                        

      Making Cords using a 4 hook winder (Apollo Cord Winder) - Designing cords - Cord length calculations

      ISBN 0-9554187-0-4, Julie Hedges Books, 2006

      This leaflet is an extract from Julie Hedges's introductory book on ply-splitting (ISBN 13:978-0-9554187-0-9 above) covering cord-making only.  It refers specifically to the Apollo Cord Winder (currently only available second hand) although the principles in the leaflet apply to 4 hook winders in general.    

      2.00 GBP   

      29.7 x 21 x 0.1 cm    33g     4pp 


      Giovanna Imperia                       

      Kumihimo Wire Jewelry - Essential technqiues and 20 jewelry projects for the Japanese art of braiding

      ISBN 978-0-8230-8551-4, Potter Craft, 2011

      This beautiful book includes a concise history of kumihimo and covers materials, tools and techniques  The basics of braiding are illustrated comprehensively, then 20 jewelry projects are given with step-by step instructions (graded by experience level).  Both disk and plate are used.  The coloured wires, braid structures and beaded embellishments give striking results. 

      16.50 GBP         

      28 x 22 x 1 cm    602g     144pp

        Carol James                

      Fingerweaving Untangled - An illustrated beginner's guide including detailed patterns & common mistakes

      ISBN 978-0-9784695-0-4, Carol James, 2011

      As the title indicates, this is a practical book helping you to get fingerweaving.  It opens describing different working methods and these are followed by invaluable tips and tricks for trouble-shooting.  A series of traditional geometric patterns are presented, complete with detailed instructions.

      11.50 GBP         

      25.5 x 20.5 x 0.5 cm    225g     64pp

        Carol James                

      Sprang Unsprung - An illustrated guide to interlinking, interlacing and intertwining

      ISBN 978-0-9784695-2-8, Carol James, 2011

      This book shows readers the exciting possibilities of Sprang beginning with detailed instructions for free-end and fixed end working methods. Ways to achieve different textile structures and patterns by interlinking, interlacing or intertwining are shown with pattern instructions for items from coasters to socks!

      18.0 GBP        

      25.5 x 20.5 x 0.5 cm    269g     80pp

         Carol James                

      Sprang Lace Patterns 

      ISBN , Carol James, 2016

      This book is a follow on to the basic instruction manual, Sprang Unsprung.  It offers initiation into the world of sprang lace.  Patterns in this book draw on motifs from museums in North America and Europe to invite you to explore the wealth of the richly varied global historic record.

      11.00 GBP     

      28 x 21.8 x 0.5 cm    149g     27pp


      Steve Kennett                 

      Making Inkle Braids An introduction to weaving inkle braids

      ISBN self published, Steve Kennett, 2017

      The book starts with an introduction to inkle looms and basic instructions.  It then progresses to warping for patterns, then pick up and drop down for patterning with some ideas for use. He also looks at the pros and cons of using different types of yarn.The book is clearly illustrated with diagrams and photographs.

      13.00 GBP  

      29.7 x 21.5 x 0.8cm       230g     36pp

        Ruth MacGregor

      Getting Started with Tablet Weaving - Basic two-colour patterns

      This is a booklet for new tablet weavers.  In step-by-step photos, it shows how tablet weaving works, how to set up and get weaving right away, and how to create an amazing array of patterns from a simple two-colour threading.  Whether you are new to tablet weaving or need a quick refresher, this is the book to help.

      4.50 GBP  This book is out of stock   

      21 x 14.6 x 0.3 cm    52g     24pp

        Catherine Martin                

      Kumihimo - Japanese silk braiding techniques

      ISBN 0-94653403 9, Old Hall Press, 2nd Edn 1991

      The author's skill and insight to Kumihimo derived from her studies at the Domyo School in Japan.  In addition to practical information from warping up to braiding with a Marudai, the book conveys the sense of Kumihimo as a discipline as well as a craft.  Twelve specific braid structures are presented in detail.

      7.00 GBP     

      24.5 x 16 x 0.7 cm    237g     93pp

        Rosalie Neilson               

      The Twenty-Four Interlacements of Edo Yatsu Gumi

      ISBN 978-0-9664863-1-5, Orion's Plumage, 2011

      One of the most familiar round Kumihimo braids is Edo Yatsu Gumi.  This books explores the (24) patterns that can be achieved by combining just two colours within the structure.

      15.00 GBP   

      17 x 11 x 0.6 cm    106g     38pp


      Averil Otiv

      Fibre Basketry Techniques

      Self-published by Averil Otiv, 2017

      This inspiring book shows several projects using plaiting structures.  It has a good introduction to the use and preparation of plant fibres and Averil shows how these can be used in bias plaited baskets, twining techniques and a three-element plaiting method, based on baskets from Périgord, France.  With more braiders and weavers wishing to use natural fibres in their work, the instructions for making cordage from plant fibres is also very helpful.

      15.00 GBP

      30 x 22 x 1.0 cm    300g    45pp
        Jennie Parry               

      Textures & Edges for Takadai Braids

      Jennie Parry, 2005

      The takadai offers many possibilities for braid structures and different edges.  This book illustrates many patterns in a logical sequence with clear instructions.  It goes on to show how you can design your own takadai braids and even provides bobbin paper for this purpose. 

      9.00 GBP    

      22.3 x 16.6 x 1.3 cm    148g     48pp

        Robyn Spady                

      Handwoven Decorative Trim - An introduction to weaving passementerie trims

      ISBN 978-0-9842675-0-7, Spady Studios, 2009

      This monograph takes as its basis a warp-faced plain weave narrow band and demonstrates the construction of a wonderful variety of 30 decorative trims.  The designs are complemented by equipment information, ideas for cording, a reference list, and useful answers to some 'frequently asked questions'.

      12.00 GBP

      28 x 22 x 1.3 cm    150g     36pp

        Noemi Speiser                        

      Loop-Manipulation Braiding - Basic instructions

      Published by Jennie Parry, 200

      This introductory booklet concentrates on the basic but essential knowledge to take the reader step by step through the techniques of loop-manipulation braiding.  It presents a practical approach to give reader the confidence and understanding to continue their explorations of braids using Noemi Speiser's specialist books.

      4.00 GBP         

      21 x 14.5 x 0.2 cm    47g     24pp


      Claudia Wollny               

      A Lily Grove

      ISBN  978-3-948315-11-5    Claudia Wollny Edition, 3rd edition

      164 weaving patterns for tablet weaving (technique: 3/1 broken twill)
      more than 30 border designs (threaded-in patterns)

      Bilingual - German and English

      19.00 GBP         

      18 x 25 x 1.5 cm    600g  176pp   Hardcover


      Claudia Wollny               

      A Lily Grove 2

      ISBN  978-3-948315-10-8    Claudia Wollny Edition, 3rd edition

      272 weaving patterns for tablet weaving (technique: 3/1 twill)

      Bilingual - German and English

      25.00 GBP         

      18 x 25 x 1.5 cm    600g  176pp   Softcover


      Claudia Wollny               

      roslein und wecklein

      ISBN  978-3-948315-12-2    Claudia Wollny Edition, 3rd edition

      222 facsimiles of the original manuscript
      343 weaving patterns, for tablet weaving (technique: brocading, in parts with pearls)

      Bilingual - German and English

      30.00 GBP         

      18 x 25 x 2.5 cm    800g  272pp   Hardcover


      Claudia Wollny               

      Tablets at Work

      ISBN  978-3-948315-09-2   Claudia Wollny Edition, 4th edition 2023

      20 tablet weaving techniques + 2 Andean weaving techniques adapted to tablet weaving.  Techniques include threaded in patterns, double faced, double cloth, twill, diagonals, Kivrim, Sulawesi, Floatwork, 3 hole, 2 hole, cable work, structure weave and brocading,

      Basics in detail.    Each technique contains quick start intro, prep work, weaving, turning rules, variations, survey, design your own weaving patterns, weaving patterns.   More than 180 photos,  approximately 435 illustrations and about 910 weaving patterns

      45.00 GBP         

      17 x 24 x 2 cm    1,655g  704pp   Hardcover



      Claudia Wollny               

      The Secrets of Kikko

      ISBN  978-3-948315-01-6    Claudia Wollny Edition, 3rd edition

      1 Kikko braiding pattern, 85 new pattern proposals
      1 Blank pattern grid for own patterns
      Detailed basic course

      Bilingual - German and English

      17.00 GBP         

      21.5 x 22 x 1 cm    500g  96pp   Hardcover


      Claudia Wollny               

      The Transformations of Sakura

      ISBN  978-3-948315-02-3    Claudia Wollny Edition, 3rd edition

      48 variations for Hira Genji including braiding diagrams
      1 Blank pattern sheet for own patterns
      Detailed basic course

      Bilingual - German and English

      25.00 GBP         

      21.5 x 22 x 1.5 cm    800g  180pp   Hardcover


      Claudia Wollny   

      The Wonderful World of the Tablet-Woven Stole and Maniple of St Donat, Arlon          

      ISBN  978-3-00-047682-2    Claudia Wollny Edition, 3rd edition

      29 weaving patterns (technique: 3/1 twill) for tablet weaving

      Bilingual - German and English

      34.00 GBP         

      35 x 25 x 0.5 cm    800g  128pp   Hardcover


      Claudia Wollny  

      Who is Afraid of Twill?

      ISBN      Claudia Wollny Edition, 1st edition

      At first glance, twill seems to be a mysterious technique shrouded in secrets. This workshop is designed to demystify twill. In this book, all twill techniques for tablet weaving are examined: the most well-known is 2-Color Twill. It shares the background with 3-­Color Twill, Empty-­Hole Twill, and Line Twill—a new, ­previously undocumented twill variant. All offer fantastic design opportunities for the motif area.
      In addition to the basics and setup, twill‘s special structure is illuminated with ­photos and illustrations. A total of 219 practice weaving ­patterns plus ­solutions will help you ­learn how to draft weaving patterns and design your own motifs. Discover the “­minimum units“ and the “crumple zone.“ The ­mechanics follow simple rules that help you master even the trickiest ­situations. You‘ll find out quickly: Twill is very ­simple—just add 1+1.


      inclusive Downloads (QR Code) : Patterns + Tablets 
      Skill level: Intermediate

      Bilingual - German and English

      30.00 GBP    

      35 x 25 x yy cm    1,200g  448pp   Hardcover


      Indicative postage costs

      Books will be sent by UK 2nd class Standard Post or the cheapest International Rate.   1st class postage can be requested, if required.  Before payment is made, the postage and packing are calculated and an invoice is sent to the purchaser.


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