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There has been a craze among students for making scoobie-dou plaits with coloured plastic strands and you can obtain pictures of the techniques on the internet. The basic knot for these braids is a crown knot and can easily be tied with cords instead. Shiny threads are best avoided as they can slip. To start the plait you can cross two cords when using two colours or tie a knot with four separate cords of different colours             


The diagram shows the knot tied in a clockwise direction. Tucking in the very last strand locks the whole knot then you should pull all the strands up tight.. A little checked square, in the centre of the diagram, shows the correct appearance of the previous round when all the strands have been tightened.

Repeating the moves – the first clockwise and the second anticlockwise will result in a four square cord with opposite sides the same colour.

Tie the knot continuously in the same direction
 – here clockwise was chosen and the colours spiral and the form will be more rounded.

Example by Maureen Jennings

Begin Braiding is based on original material prepared by Felicity Tregear.


To download a printable version of this page, click here.

To download a printable version of this page, click here 

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