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  Travelling Show 2022 - Theme "Red and White"

This is a gallery of braids made by members of the Society for the Travelling Show for 2022. 
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16 photo(s) Updated on: 27 Nov 2022
  • Averil Otiv - Ply-Split Vessel with square cross start. Linen and Synthetic cords
  • Becky Jensen - Purse - Change Accepted. Ply-Split Braided in Cotton
  • Becky Jensen - Glove. Ply-split braided in cotton
  • Bridget Paish - Four Leaf Clover. Ply-Split Braided in cotton
  • Bridget Paish - Sprang Bag in cotton
  • Celia Elliott Minty - Santa’s Scarf. Double faced Tablet weaving in wool.
  • Chris Tucker - Three bookmarks in Baltic Braiding in cotton
  • Europa Chang Dawson - A toy for a topologist. Each band is a 7- strand herringbone twill braided from a single length of cord. Polypropylene
  • Jennie Parry - Roses on a box. Takadai Braids in silk
  • Jill Edwards - Mini Key Fob. PlySplit Braided in cotton
  • Julie Hedges - Ply-Split Braided Necklace in silk and rayon
  • Julie Hedges - Ply-Split Braided Roses and Crosses Neckpiece in Silk
  • Katia Johansen - Samples. From top upper right : Plain 3 -element braid (1+1+3) Silk
  • Sue Batley - Danish Christmas tree Decoration. Ply-Split braided in cotton
  • Susan Reed - Ply-Split Necklace Cogs in cotton

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