Decorative knots

You can use a cord or braid to tie very attractive knots.  



This is the Chinese double coin knot.

You can tie it by laying down the loop 1 on the left followed by the loop 2 on top, then feed the left hand cord from loop 2 under the right hand cord of loop 1 and over, under, over and finally under the last cord of loop 1.

Coax the knot into a tighter and good shape.

If you get good at tying this knot you can make multiple knots spaced an equal amount apart on a single cord and use the cord as a bracelet or necklace.


You can find out more about Chinese Knotting onCarol Wang’s website -

You can buy glossy cord in many colours called rats tail.

On the left is the Josephine Knot or Carrick Bend tied with two cords.
It has some similarities with the Chinese knot above.
You can tie knots with doubled cords or knotted cords

This is how to work a larks head knot which is a very easy way of starting a braid!

Begin Braiding is based on original material prepared by Felicity Tregear.

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