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The aim of this area of the website is to provide information on braiding for the general public as well as our members. The information is provided to whet your interest and to encourage you to experiment and try out new techniques. Printable versions of the information are available for your use. 

   Begin Braiding

Welcome to the fascinating world of Braids and Bands, also known as Narrow Wares. These small textiles were a vital part of life in the past. Bands could be used as ties and trims on clothing and objects. They were also things of beauty. They are still present in our daily life but are usually made mechanically and they get taken for granted.  You can make braids using many different methods. Each method will be explained and once you understand a method, you can experiment and use all sorts of material to make the Braid and see if you are satisfied with the results. You can alter the scale of the materials - thick or thin and vary the colours. Above all, do have fun - and share your delights with others.

Practical things

You will need a board to enable you to pin threads down, so that you can work firmly and evenly. You can use 'pratical board' or thick cardboard or glue two sheets together. Thick polystyrene sheet is useful. The nicest pins to use are special 'T' shaped pins used for macrame . PVA glue can also be used to secure ends of braids. You can also sew or whip the ends of braids so they look good, so a large needle will come in handy and some matching thread. Embroidery threads come in many colours. When you are manipulating threads, you will need to produce a consistent, even result for the end product to look attractive. The pull you need to exert on threads is called tension. It is very important and it is something that will come with plenty of practice.

The information in this section has been edited for the internet from materials originally produced by Felicity Tregear.

To download a printable version of these instructions, please click here 

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