The Travelling Exhibition currently on tour

Each year, the Society attends a number of shows. We demonstrate our craft and show members' work in our Travelling Exhibition. The theme of the Travelling Exhibition 2020 is Inspired by Nature.  Exhibits tour events and shows around the UK.  If you would like to see the exhibition and meet members of the society, please visit our Events area to find out which shows we will be attending.


Preparing for the next Travelling Exhibition

The theme of the Travelling Exhibition 2021 will be notified in June.   All Full members of the Braid Society can participate - Long Haul members are welcome to upgrade their membership so that their work can be exhibited.  You can interpret the theme as you wish and use whichever braiding technique you fancy.  Entries should be sent to the organiser by 31st January 2021 - exact details will be announced in a later newsletter.  If possible, entries should be accompanied by a photograph of the inspiration for your piece and a few words of explanation.  Further details are given in Braid Society Newsletters.


Guidelines for Submissions to The Braid Society Travelling Exhibition

Topic:  The topic for each Travelling Exhibition is decided at the December meeting of The Braid Society Council. It is advertised in each newsletter, starting in March.

The deadline for submissions is January 31st each year.

Exhibits:  All full members of The Braid Society can submit up to 3 pieces of work. (Long-haul members are welcome to upgrade at any time.)

Remember that we are ‘The Braid Society’ so the pieces you submit should place braids, bands, passementerie or other narrow wares in the spotlight.

Size:  The entire exhibition is packed into a box for transportation and is unpacked and repacked many times throughout the year as it moves from show to show. The box sometimes needs to be sent by courier so any exhibits that do not fit in the box cannot be transported to that show.

Maximum sizes are A4 (approx US letter size) for pieces to be wall-mounted and a 6 inch (15cm) cube for three-dimensional pieces.

Please do not include any additional bulky and/or delicate props or packaging. For example, no frames or glass as these are both bulky and breakable. The exhibition space is often limited, and may have very little space to display free standing objects; therefore exhibits that can be hung are preferred.

(There is an opportunity to submit larger work or fragile work for the Biennial Exhibition and separate guidelines will be provided for this event.)

Submission of Exhibits:  Exhibits should be sent to the Travelling Exhibition organiser between 24 - 31 January each year.

All submissions are to be accompanied by a fully completed Travelling Exhibition submission form to be found on The Braid Society web site or in the December Newsletter.

If you are sending work from outside the UK, please be aware of potential Tax and Customs charges and label the item as a ‘Gift’. (You will usually have a choice on the Customs form between “gift”, “document” and “merchandise”.)  None of the Travelling Exhibition work is for sale, so the value you state on the customs form should reflect the cost of materials, not the insurance value.

Note: Any extra expenses incurred by the Braid Society in receiving the work will be charged to the sender. If you have any questions please write ruthmacg at gmail.com or berlinbraids at aol.com. Ruth or Shirley will be happy to talk you through what is actually a simple process.

Exhibits that are very fragile or have a high value should not be sent for the Travelling Exhibition due to the nature of the exhibition at many venues. Whilst all care is taken to ensure that exhibits are respectfully handled (by Braid Society members at each venue), they are unpacked, displayed and packed back into the box many times during the year.

Submission Form:   Include notes about special features, source of inspiration, and, if possible, send a photo of your starting point (up to 6”x 4”; 15 x 10cm) – this is extremely effective in the exhibition. The information you provide will enhance viewers’ interest and understanding and will help us to write good display labels. Please include display instructions, if any.


Previous Travelling Exhibitions

The themes of recent Travelling Exhibitions are listed below.  We are currently developing web pages to display images of the work in previous exhibitions so do return to look at these in due course. 

Travelling Exhibition 2017 Mediterranean Menu

Travelling Exhibition 2016 Winter Light and Landscape

Travelling Exhibition 2015 Spring is Sprung

Travelling Exhibition 2014 China

Travelling Exhibition 2013 Autumn Colours

Travelling Exhibition 2012 Shades of Blue

Travelling Exhibition 2011 Citrus - Oranges and lemons with a twist of lime

Travelling Exhibition 2010 Black and White

Travelling Exhibition 2009 Simply Red

Travelling Exhibition 2008 Mainly Purple 

Travelling Exhibition 2006 Black and Green Olives, perhaps stuffed


Past Exhibitions and Displays

Braid Society 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Reading Central Library, Reading, 2014

Biennial Exhibition 2007

Members' Exhibition 2005 at Bankfield Museum, Halifax

Exhibition "Braids and Beyond" - A Broad Look at Narrow Wares,  2003
To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we organised this major Exhibition exploring the history of braid-making around the world, explaining the structures and techniques involved and the cultural significance of the pieces. Exhibits included items of historical importance, and examples of the best of modern craftsmanship.
Between November 2003 and August 2004 the Exhibition toured Newarke Houses Museum, Leicester,
The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle and The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.

Third Members' Biennial Exhibition at Winchester College of Art, 2001

Second Members' Biennial Exhibition at Mansfield Museum & Art Gallery, 1999

Selected Exhibition at Bank Gallery, Chobham, Surrey, 1998

First Members' Exhibition at Armley Mills, Leeds, 1997

Samurai Undressed Exhibition at the Knitting & Stitching Shows, 1995

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