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   Nordic and world braids and bands 2022


Faroe Island Fingerwoven garter

Taster T1

Noomi i Dali

The traditional Faroe Island men’s costume includes finger-woven garters, called virka hosuband. They are begun with a round end and finished in a specific way with wrapping and tassels. It may not be possible to complete a garter in the taster session, but we will examine and practice how the braiding is done and how the ends are finished on sample pieces.

Each student brings: Scissors, blunt needle, yarn in three colors. Yarn kits will also be available to purchase from the tutor.

Materials fee: 50 Dkr. This fee includes enough yarn for two sample pieces as well as for a finished garter.

Icelandic foot woven edging for fabrics

Taster - T14

Ragnheidur Thórsdóttir

In this demonstration Ragnheidur will show how braids can be attached to woven or knitted fabric, like the old Icelandic insoles for skin shoes. The insoles are made of felt with a characteristic knitted pattern. She will bring the material and the insoles for this demonstration and show some examples. These skin shoes were normal footwear in Iceland for 1000 years and now some people wear them with old Icelandic national costumes, on special occasions. Students can learn this interesting technique, which can be used to make strong and decorative edges for all textiles.

Each student brings:  A piece of woven or knitted fabric or make one like the one above right, and a large needle.

Materials fee:  Dkr. 100, this fee includes: Icelandic yarn and worsted for weaving and handouts.


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