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   Nordic and world braids and bands 2022


  Beginners Course on Sprang

Class - 2D2

Bodil Dago

Course for beginners in sprang, a technique of threads plaited in a frame. The students will learn:

1. easy ways to make a frame for sprang (I will bring small frames to use during the course)

2. basic technique of sprang, how to start, work, and several ways to finish a piece of sprang

3. to make patterns with holes

4. to split a piece of sprang in several parts and sew it together to make wristlets

One of the challenges in sprang is to make up-to-date looking products. One way is to combine with other techniques in the finishing. The students will see how it is possible to combine sprang with other techniques like tablet weaving or felting to make different kinds of accessories. I will also have a brief lesson of what we know about the prevalence and use of the sprang technique throughout history.


Each student brings: If you have a sprang frame, bring it with you. Otherwise, you can borrow or purchase from me.

Materials fee: (max.) 150 Dkr. This fee includes sufficient yarn to make wristlets.

Sprang Lace

Class - 2D10

Carol James

This class is intended for individuals already familiar with sprang: able to warp the frame, and comfortable with the basic interlinking stitch. Lace can be described as a piece of cloth with strategically placed holes. We will use the sprang technique and the interlinking stitch to explore a variety of ways to create holes as we create the cloth, discussing stitches such as ropes and doubles. Pattern reading and pattern writing are presented as tools to better plan the placement of the holes and to understand structure. Students will watch the instructor working each of these stitches, live and by video recording, examining the corresponding written pattern and chart for each stitch discussed. Students will receive assistance to work the various stitches, following patterns provided by the instructor. Students will receive support to create their own charts, combining those offered by the instructor, and creating new motifs. Students will create samplers of the various lace stitches. The industrious student might complete a lacy neckscarf by the end of the two-day workshop.

Photos: Left: Detail of a sprang lace tablecloth including the pattern of people holding hands. Center: Inspired by pieces of Norwegian sprang in the Norwegian-American Vesterheim museum, Dekorah, Iowa. Right: My work replicating sprang lace motifs in the Art and History Museum Collection in Brussels, Belgium.

Each student brings:  A set of 4 colored pencils, each with a different color of lead, recommended black, blue, green, orange. Sprang frame at least 50cm long, set with a warp of 72 threads (36 loops if flat warp) Recommended crochet cotton, Lizbeth cotton, or sock yarn. Recommended circular warp.

 Materials fee: 30 Dkr. This fee includes Sprang lace patterns, graph paper.

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