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 Nordic and world braids and bands 2022

            Lecture Programme

We have arranged a series of lectures on the history and development of woven and braided bands in the Nordic countries. Our lecturers are all competent historians, researchers, and respected craftspeople, who, for the first time, are contributing to establish an overview of how these textile techniques evolved – and, to some degree – disappeared in Scandinavia. Documenting the highly complex skills involved in the traditions of weaving these bands is important for both the Nordic and world history of intangible cultural practices.

To ensure that we can hear from all these lecturers, we will start each morning with two Nordic Lectures.   The descriptions of these lectures can be found here

In the evening on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  there are further lectures for you to attend and the details can be found on the Lectures page.

Profiles of all the lecturers can be found here or by clicking on the lecturer's name in the Lecture page

Feel free to contact the Conference Chair, Katia Johansen at


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