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  Nordic and world braids and bands 2022


The workshops are shown in the list below

The naming convention is:

 -  2Dnn indicates a two day workshop,

 - 1Dnn indicates a one day workship and

 - T is a taster session of 3 hours.
Class No
 Date  Tutor  Class Name
  2D1  Mon-Tue Jacqui Carey
 Kute-uchi Samurai Armour
  2D2  Mon-Tue  Bodil Dago
 Traditional/modern Sprang
  2D3  Mon-Tue  Makiko Tada
 Creative Kumihimo
  2D4  Mon-Tue  Inge Dam
 Tablet Weaving for beginners
  2D5  Thu-Fri  Shahla Amini
 Iranian Band weaving
  2D6  Thu-Fri  Joy Boutrup
 Loop braiding
  2D7  Thu-Fri  Masumi Tada
 Textured braids on an octoplate
  2D8  Thu-Fri
 Rasmus Jørgensen  Tablet woven Iron Age and Viking bands
  2D9  Thu-Fri  Erroll Nelson Pires
 Spiral ply split braiding
  2D10  Thu-Fri  Carol James
 Sprang Lace
  1D1  Mon  John Mullarkey
 Coptic diamonds tablet weaving - Workshop Cancelled
  1D2  Mon  Shirley Berlin
 Beginnings and Endings
  1D3  Mon  Julie Hedges
 Sarakatsani ply split braiding
  1D4  Mon  Dee Sayce
 Inkle bands on a backstrap loom
  1D5  Mon  Katoko Kitade
 Ply split brooch and necklace
  1D6  Mon  Ziggy Rytka
  1D7  Mon  Randi Stoltz
 Tablet weaving Blindheim bands
  1D8  Mon  Marieke Kranenburg
 Cross warped inkle weaving
  1D9  Tue  John Mullarkey  6 hole tablet weaving   - Workshop Cancelled
  1D10   Tue  Ilta Hämäri  Nålbinding
  1D11   Tue  Annette Herbst
  1D12   Tue  Noomi i Dali
 Faroe Islands bands
  1D13   Tue  Yuko Yoshida
 Kumihimo on a marudai
  1D14   Tue  Keiko Kusakabe
 Sulawesi tablet weaving
  1D15   Tue  Louise Ström  Advanced tablet weaving bands
  1D16   Tue  Tamaki Takagi
 Tubular Sanada-himo bands
  1D17  Thu  Ragnheidur Thórsdóttir  Icelandic tablet woven letter braids
  1D18  Thu  Diane Watanabe
 Pattern fun with Marudai braids
  1D19  Thu  Ane Rasmussen
 Weaving bands with colour effects
  1D20  Thu  Bente Skogsaas  Oseberg tablet weaving
  1D21  Thu  Susan Foulkes
 Weaving a Sami belt with a Sigga heddle
  1D23  Fri  Cathy Smith
 Brocaded tablet weaving - St Cuthbert's girdle
  1D24  Fri  Anna Nordström  Finnish Rigid heddle
  1D25  Fri  Diane Watanabe
 All about Marudai
 Fri Julie Hedges
 Ply-Split braiding in  POT and SCOT to make a small dish
  T1  Wed  Noomi i Dali
 Faroe Island Fingerweaving garters
  T2  Wed  Gil Dye
 Yorkshire buttons
  T3  Wed  Susan Foulkes  Cord from a disk
 T4  Wed  Ilta Hämäri  Nålbinding
 T5  Wed  Annette Herbst  Whipcording - Workshop Cancelled
 T6  Wed  Katoko Kitade  Ply split bracelet
 T8  Wed   Jean Leader Beginning loop braiding
 T9  Wed  Ane Rasmussen  Inkle/rigid heddle bracelet - Workshop Cancelled
 T10 Wed  Dee Sayce  Making bags from bands - Workshop Cancelled
 T11 Wed Anna Sjursen
 Finishing Sami bands
 T12  Wed  Louise Ström  Fast band weaving technique
 T13  Wed  Laura Thode
 T14  Wed  Ragnheidur Thórsdóttir  Icelandic foot woven edges
 T15  Wed  Kay Hawkins  Introduction to kumihimo on a marudai - Workshop Cancelled
 T16  Fri   Georgia Olson     Beginning lucet
 T7 Fri Courtney Lane
 Hairwork - Workshop Cancelled
 T20  Fri  Bente Skogsaas  Easy Oseberg bands - Workshop Cancelled
 T21  Fri  Randi Stoltz  Forgotten Norwegian tablet weaving technique


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