Sprang Workshop 2018  - Photos

20 photo(s) Updated on: 01 Feb 2018
  • Debbie 3 - back of frame with yarn tied (near top) and safety strings and sticks to maintain pattern
  • Debbie 3 - Front of frame with shed sticks (linked with tape) and two sticks to maintain pattern
  • Debbie - Circular warp in frame
  • Debbie's second sample spread out
  • Debbie's second sample on frame
  • Debbie finished piece with uneven tension and chaining problem in centre.
  • Cat Tillotson. Work in progress - nearly finished.
  • 12l Two rectangles can be front and back of vest. Make a small one for doll or child first to figure it out then scale things up.
  • 05e Bonnet imitating lacy pattern on some Viking bonnets. Small piece used to work out pattern, then use more threads, on slightly longer warp for adult bonnet.
  • 11k Felted sprang wrist warmers made by Carol's student.
  • 10j Felted sprang. Piece cut across middle and sewn up to create wristwarmers.
  • 09i Socks made using longer warp. 15-20cm left for cutting apart and tying knots. Toes cinched from loops and sides sewn up.
  • 08h Sprang bonnet featuring chain-across-the-middle meeting line. One set of loops gathered at back, other set placed on a drawstring around face.
  • 07g Adult bonnet. Use wide warp eg sock yarn with 150-170 loops and chain-across-the-middle blocked around a bowl.
  • 06f Silk bonnet with different lace patterns. Tablet woven band sewn to tie under chin.
  • 04d Doll bonnet. Use 'insert a cinch line' technique to finish.
  • 03c Bag made with cotton yarn with warp of 36 loops on a 24in frame.
  • 02b Cellphone bag. Made with thick, chained yarn eg Cascade Eco Cloud. Beginner piece.
  • 01a Shipping bag made 20 years ago but still in use! Lots of errors but still serviceable.
  • 13m Setup of Debbie's frame when starting sprang-a-long.

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