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  Travelling Show 2019 - Theme "Tracks and Pathways"

This is a gallery of braids made by members of the Society for the Travelling Show for 2019. 
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19 photo(s) Updated on: 24 Dec 2020
  • Ann Brammer. Rainbow - Miao braiding using bobbins and stool. The Miao of SW China. The central yarn to repeat the path between heaven and hell.
  • Averil Otiv. Ply split basket with linen 4 ply cords. Red tracks/veins through green leaves.
  • Aviva Peres. Tommy Owl, Car Fetish. Linen, cotton and synthetics with various techniques - tablet weaving, braiding, wrapping and stitching.
  • Bridget Paish - The Cotswold Way. Woven on a band loom with a wool warp and weft.
  • Celia Elliott Minty - Double Bends, no parking. Tablet weaving in cotton.
  • Gail Marsh - Tracks and Pathways. Woven bands in cotton.
  • Jennie Parry - Path through the Birch trees Takadai braids with 50 - 70 bobbins in silk and soluble yarn.
  • Jill Edwards - The Silk Road. Sanadahimo braid with cotton and handspun silk warp. Double thickness weft. These bands used to tie boxes of precious items with a particular knot to detect tampering
  • Julian Brown - Earrings made with ply split braiding in rayon.
  • Julie Hedges - Ply split braids. 3 ply cords in cotton and metallic thread. 3 braids using same cords but braided differently showing the track of the cords.
  • Julie Hedges - City Streets. Ply split dish with cotton and linen 4 ply Z and S cords using plain oblique twining with ply split darned sections.
  • Marion Woolcott - Train tracks to Birdland. Play split braiding with ramie and silk 4 ply Z and S cords.
  • Mavis Atkinson - Trek across the Kongo. 16 bobbin kongo gumi cotton braids made on a marudai.
  • Pam Brown - Muddy Tracks, path through the furrows or a field. Handspun wool and cotton woven on an inkle loom with double crown knots.
  • Shirley Berlin - Interupted journey. Laramie braid
  • Shirley Berlin - Interrupted journey - detail of the laramie braid.
  • Sue Batley - End of the Road - snail trail. Play split braiding in cotton and rayon.
  • Susan Read - The garden path made from bricks. Ply split braiding using cotton 4 ply cords and basket weave.
  • Susan Read - Path through the woods. Cotton 12 and 16 element kumihimo braid done on a disk and a ply split braiding path made using the waves pattern.

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