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  Travelling Show 2020/2021 - Theme "Inspired by Nature"

This is a gallery of braids made by members of the Society for the Travelling Show for 2020. 
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27 photo(s) Updated on: 26 Dec 2020
  • Aartha Greep - Two swans and a Lotus. Tablet weaving in cotton
  • Averil Otiv - Winter Birch Trees. Silk takadai braid
  • Aviva Peres - Say it with an Iris. Braiding, tablet weaving and wrapping using cotton yarn
  • Bridget Paish - Tulips with Euphorbia. Necklace braided on marudai using kongo gumi with mercerised cotton.
  • Celia Elliott Minty - Goldfinch. Tablet weaving in cotton
  • Edna Gibson - Curtain Tie backs. Braiding on Marudai in Biron and Metallic threads
  • Edna Gibson - Spring Flowers Tie back. Marudai braid, Genji-kai in Biron and Metallic Thread
  • Edna Gibson - Summer Flowers Tie back. Marudai braid SUaranami in Biron
  • Gail Marsh - Butterflies - Finger loop braids in cotton.
  • Helen Leaf - Oak andWoven in wool.
  • Helen Leaf - Northern Lights, Snowy Night. Woven in wool and silk.
  • Jennie Parry - Fallen Leaves. Oblique interlacing on takadai in silk.
  • Jill Collar - Snakeskin bag. Ply split braiding using 3 ply manufactured cords.
  • Jill Edwards - Leaf. Ply split braiding using cotton cords.
  • Julie Hedges - Rose and Lattice bowl. Ply split braiding in linen and silk.
  • Julie Hedges - Rose and Lattice neckpiece. Ply split braiding in linen and silk.
  • Kathy Williams - Ivy leaves. Takadai braid with marudai stems in silk and cotton.
  • Katia Johansen - Vine. Kumihimo pattern Hira Genji in cotton and paper yarn.
  • Kay Hawkins - Cord with stone pendant. Kumihimo pattern Yatsu oimatsu (Old Pine) with 8 bobbins in silk.
  • Marion Woolcott - Sea slug 2. Ply split braiding in cotton.
  • Mavis Atkinson - Tasmanian sandstone. Sekitei gumi on the takadai with mixed fibres.
  • Sue Batley - Neckpiece with almonds. Sarakatsani ply split darning.
  • Susan Read - Making Waves. Ply split braiding in cotton.
  • Susan Read - Colours in the Desert. Ply split braiding.
  • Valerie Mackin - Seed head revisited. Ply split braiding in cotton
  • Valerie Mackin - The Grass is Greener. Belt made using inkle weaving in wool.
  • Ziggy Rytka- Travellers Joy. Lucetting in cotton.

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